Tuned to Colours – Introduction to work with art therapy

Focus group: On our two day training (8+8 hours personal experience and 4 hours theory) and expo of techniques we expect professionals who have some experience in art therapy work. There is no need for proficiency in any basic skills, nor preparation, only the willingness to participate in the group and openness to thinking together.

Our goal is that the participants get to know the art therapeutic work that we do with the support of the Pro Juventa Foundation through a personal experience in a mutual space. The trainer professionals have experience in working with open child psychiatric diagnostic and therapy groups, techniques that could be applied in individual therapeutic processes, consultations with parents and families and closed art therapeutic and art psychotherapeutic group processes too.

The training is supplemented by a supervision stage which is available in individual as well as group form. We find this important so that the colleagues can fit the acquired knowledge in their professional profile precisely according to their professional competence level.

You can get information about the detailed program via email.

Time and date: Pay attention to our homepage or follow us on Facebook. Our professionals undertake trainings at different locations every year if there is need for that.

Place: variable but because the wide range of tools we prefer MURMO. (Budapest, Győri út. 2/c. II. em /3.)

Group leaders:
Komáromi Erzsébet Katalin – art therapist, applied artist
Pap Erika – clinical psychologist, symbol therapist

Price: Our professionals provide information on the price that includes the use of tools.Training support options are provided. Accreditation is in progress.

Maximum number of group 20 persons. Please apply via

Six Images Story Method and Seven Step Analysis

Target group: Our training is primarily aimed at psychologists, psychiatrists and art therapists who want to use the six images story method for psycho-diagnostic and therapeutic purposes and want to master the seven-level analysis of tales that have been made during the use of the method.

After acquiring the method, participants will be able to apply this unique projective diagnostic and therapeutic approach in practice, not only for children, but also for adults, in practice, which will help the therapist decide which mechanisms can be mobilized by the client and how it can help most the intrapsychic development.

Structure of the training:

  • Day 1 - Personal-experience (5 hours)
  • Day 2 - Individual Application, BASIC PH, Individual Application and Marking (8 lessons)
  • Day 3 - group application, theoretical background, video analysis, case analysis (8 lessons)
  • Day 4 - seven-level analysis theory, case analysis, trial analysis (8 lessons)
  • Day 5 - Supervision in both individual and group applications (2x4 hours)

Time and date: Watch our website or follow our Facebook page!

Location: MURMO, Budapest, Győri út. 2 / c. II. em / 3.

The training is led by: Erika Pap, clinical psychologist, Katalin Erzsébet Komáromi - art therapist, applied artist.

The supervisory section is led by: Erika Pap - Clinical Psychologist, Rebeka Erőss - Clinical Psychologist

Cost of training: For our prices, which include the use of the equipment, ask our specialists. Training support options are provided. Accreditation is in progress.

Maximum number of staff 20-25 persons. Please look up the applications at

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