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Gergev Gyurgyinka PhD. - Murmo 2019

Gyurgyinka Gergev PhD.
– Neuropsychologist, professional coordinator of MURMO
– clinical child differential diagnosis, mental tests, neuropsychological examinations

Dr. Péter Garas
– Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr. László Molnár
– Psychiatrist, Therapist

Zita Megyeri
– Therapist, psychologist

Edit Stomp
– social worker

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Imola Orsolya Benkő
– art leader of Homo Ludens project, director
– specialist consultant of drama therapical program, theatre parenting program


Dr. Laszlo Lajtai
– Psychiatrist, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Therapist
Upon request, consultations and sessions are offered in the Rózsakert Medical Center in Budapest.

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Beáta Szabó
– conductor, Ayres- DSIT developer, leader of Napraforgóház

Elvira Szak
– psychologist, special education teacher, deputy leader of Napraforgóház

Balázs Gréta
– Pedagogical specialist psychologist, Integrative child psychotherapy, Couple and family co-therapist

Miklós Kárpáti
– lawyer, administrative manager of MURMO

Csilla Bulik
– Textile artist, art therapist, autogenic training instructor, lecturer (KRE)
– Adults are subjected to individual examinations, followed by non-verbal tests.

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