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Termőre forduló - Symbol therapy for expecting couples

We are looking for couples who want to have a baby and need help in solving possible psychical barriers. We work with relaxation and symbol therapy tools, combined with the elements of couples therapy.  At the sessions the mom or the couple planning to have a baby and the therapist is present. In a relaxed state we call thematic images, visualize them, and transform the experience material from the unconscious in order to harmonize and organize the deep psychological structures and dissolve the obstacles.

The tree grows and brings fruit.

Therapist: Zita Schwanner, consultant specialist psychologist, family, couple, and symbol therapist.
Duration: 15 weeks

Sign up at murmomail@murmo.hu.

Antanténusz art therapy program

With our mobile program, we want to support those children who have been in a psychiatric ward, possibly psychiatric clinic because of their severe psychological state and are living in a children's home or temporary home. Based on our experience in the hospital, we can see that the diagnostic and short therapy interventions provided by the healthcare system cannot ensure the proper stabilization of the imbalanced personality especially not among children in institutional care who return to difficult conditions even after hospitalization. We find it important to continue working with traumatized children in the long term and effectively after hospitalization. Therefore, we would like them to have group therapy in their own residential institution. We work with art therapy, music therapy and art therapy based on drama elements. The second pillar of our mission is the support of overburdened and often burnt out staff who work with them.  We would like to help our colleagues in children's homes by organizing groups against burnout.

Parent group

Do you have a problem child who needs help with development? Do not you know who to discuss your concerns? Are you anxious and worried about your child? Once a month, two psychologists run a self-help parenting group for parents whose children are undergoing developmental tharpay or cause a lot of headaches for parents.

Thematic interactive parenting group

With the topic announced, during our thematic series of lectures you will be able to find information on topics that are most important to parents on a semi-annual basis (e.g. learning difficulties, eating problems in toddlers, sleep disorders, media use in childhood, internet, etc.).

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