Summer Camps

Our camps are organized on an experience basis, organized thematically around a variety of arts (theater, fine art and film). It is important to have time for free play and relaxation at the end of the school year after the 4-5 therapeutic hours per day. When entering the camps preference will be given to those children who already have been to our facility, or to the Napraforgó Ház (Sunflower House) or come with a recommendation by the experts of our professional community.

Those who have not been to Murmo yet have to attend a first interview (parents and children). If a group is made up of new children, a test afternoon will take place 2-3 weeks before the camp. This is needed to make camp leaders more tailored to the special needs of children.

We also put great emphasis on the completion of the camp; we organize a joint closure for the families, where parents are siblings are invited too. In individual justified cases, this can be varied. On the last day of the camp, we will be holding consultations in the afternoon, where we will give feedback on the children and reflect on our further suggestions.

Agenda for our camps:

Arrival: Arrival from 9am to 9.30am. On the first occasion parents should come with their children.

Occupations and free play: 9.30-12.30. Snack around 10.30.

Lunch: 12.30-13.00 at the PSQ canteen

Occupations and free play: 13.00-15.30. Relaxation is part of the afternoon program.

Snack and day closing program: 15.30 - 16.00

Departure: Afternoon 16.00-16.15.

How to apply: send us an e-mail at or on facebook. After receiving the first e-mail we will send the application form and the parental notice. Please submit the application form and pay the reservation fee one month before the camp.

Our camps are supported by the Egészséges Lelkű Pro-Juventa Foundation, which can be used as a support request by the needy.


PECSÉTVARÁZS- graphic prints, June 2018

Graphic Camp for Children 10 to 14 in Murmo

For kids who love to draw, create, and desire to learn new techniques. It is a rare occasion that unique graphic methods can be learned by those interested.

What will take place: roaming in the realm of fantasy, magic pens, stamping, monotyping, paper prints, linocut, exhibition tours and museum educational programs, and an exhibition at the end of the week - from your own works. In the camp, we accept so many children to be able to pay attention to everybody, according to their individual abilities and interest; we find developmental games and tasks in the time remaining outside the creation. Through fine art therapy we focus on the development of emotional and affective life, and it gives us an opportunity to learn more about the children.

The maximum capacity of the camp is 10 people.

Costs of the camp: The full price of the camp includes three daily meals with warm lunch, an exhibition of children's creations on the last day and a consultation on the current psychological state of the child, and suggestions for further. Their own prints and their original graphics can be taken home by the kids.

The camp is led by two-knit professionals who have been organizing similar themed weeks for 10 years and have had great experience in conducting artistic weeks with children who are reluctant to adapt to the group and rules.

Camp leader: Katalin Erzsébet Komáromi art therapist, textile artist, Erika Pap psychologist for children and youth, symbol therapist.


Experience-based personality development camp with drama tools for teenagers
In our camp we await children aged 9 to 13 who, after completing the school, want to discover secrets and puzzles in exciting locations roaming in the XII. In the meantime, they want a little more confidence, self-confidence, good company, lots of fun.

In the camp, we accept so many children to be able to pay attention to everybody; we find developmental games and tasks according to their individual abilities and interest. We aim to help children release tension, develop their social and communication skills, which participants can only experience in the form of games.

Using the tools of drama therapy, drama pedagogy, fairy tale therapy, forum theater, we strengthen the coping repertoire of children against stressed situations, and teach basic relaxation techniques that can be used after the camp by themselves.

The camp is led by experienced experts who have already had a number of stay in and daytime art camps and festivals with great success.

The camp's maximum capacity is 12 people.

What will take place: ice cream, sandwich with nutella, balloon blowing, blowing magical bubbles, magic pens, discovering secret hidden places, many games, improvisation, listening to music, joint creation and a little bit of nerding out.

Cost of the camp: The full price of the camp includes a three-day meal with a warm lunch, theater education, theater visit, family joint detective game on the last day, and consultation on the child's current psychological condition.

Camp leaders:  Erika Pap psychologist for children and youth, symbol therapist, Benkő Imola Orsolya director, drama teacher


Filmmaking camp for kids aged 12-15 in Murmo

If you're interested in film making, come to our camp! The participants of our one week program will choose the genre of the film to be produced, invent the story, build characters, create the script and eventually film the movie. The applicants prepare their costumes and accessories, keep track of the events of the camp, werk photos, clips and interviews with each other. Everyone in the crew can find their place. Those who like to act get a role, those who are interested in pictures, montages get to be the cameraman. Those with powerful imagination can shape the script more seriously, those who are determined, can control and are able to see great structures can be the director or the editor.

Filming is a board game, the task is to co-operate with the participants, so the time spent together is not only learning the cinematic basic concepts, and a completed film offered in addition to a sense of achievement, it is also suitable for community building.

From the applicants, we ask to bring a few minutes long film to the camp meeting, which you can make with a camera or a phone as well.

There are no limitations but here are a few theme ideas:

  • document a day
  • make a music video for your favorite song
  • do a family history interview
  • show your favorite pastime
  • introduce your best friend
  • show us what you hate the most
  • show us your place of residence, your apartment, your room
  • show us your favorite hero

... and most importantly, make a movie, any kind you want!

The maximum capacity of the camp is 13 people.

Cost of the camp: The full price of the camp includes a three-day meal with a warm lunch.

Camp leader: Katalin Erzsébet Komáromi art therapist, textile artist, Gábor Kresalek.