COVID-19 English


Our epidemiological measures follow the Action Plan of the EMMI 2020/2021 academic year. The supplementary operating regulations of Murmo have been compiled by Erika Pap, the professional head of the Murmo Therapy Center.



The events of recent months at the Murmo Therapy Center have also necessitated a rethink of the work schedule. As a responsible therapy center, we consider it important to protect the health of both our clients and colleagues. We adapt our operating system to the current virus situations.


We are in constant consultation with the staff of the National Center for Public Health, and we are monitoring and complying with all regulations that apply to us.


We ask the families working with us to adopt to the changes that are affecting our daily work schedule from September 10, 2020, to work with the resulting measures so that we can meet as much as possible in the personal space as well!


1. General preparation for face-to-face meetings


Murmo makes every effort to eliminate the risk of infection, so we have placed hand disinfectants and surface disinfectants in each room, and we also maintain an increased number of disinfectant cleanings. We disinfect the handles after each client, and we will not allow you to wait in the waiting room now. Therefore, we ask those who come to us to arrive on time for pre-arranged occasions! It is possible to wait in front of the block. Wear the mask when passing through the waiting room and in the therapeutic space, over 3 years of age. Let's try to keep the 1.5-meter distance!


At the request of the Murmo operator, we ask everybody to fill in a form before the personal meeting, and to make a declaration about their state of health according to the best of their knowledge and to take the necessary precautions for working indoors (mouth mask from 6 years of age and 1.5 m distance). Before and during the first personal meeting, the client coming to us will get acquainted with the precautions belonging to the methodology of the given specialist. Our clients having arrived home from abroad can come to the personal examination and therapy rooms in 2 weeks from the arrival.


Professionals working in Murmo also keep the maintainer informed about their health, they undertake quarantine for two weeks after travelling abroad, or resuming work with personal presence with two negative test results.


2. What is personal work like in the spaces of Murmo?


Once the client has gone through the precautionary measures, he arrives at the exact agreed time for personal meeting and uses the waiting room only to pass through, to approach the therapeutic space or the restroom. Session times for therapists try to start at shifted times, avoiding a high number of face-to-face meetings in the waiting room.


Hand disinfection or thorough hand washing is requested upon arrival!


The specialists inform the clients about the specifics of the therapeutic work. In general terms, we consider the following:


In play therapy and fairy tale therapy we use our own toy set or a pre-made specially assembled ‘Magic Suitcase’, ‘Magic Box’, which is used by one child a day. The puppets are rested for 3 days after each use. We do not currently use sand. Plasticine and clay are used only once.

Fine art therapy devices can be used one day by one child in an individual space. The one that was already used by the client that day will no longer be given to another within a day.

Music therapy equipment is used by one child on a given day, the ones that have been used will not be given to another child on the same day ..

During relaxation and symbol therapy work, clients relax, meditate and associate while sitting or lying down on washable chairs and covered sofas. If you prefer a lying position, please bring your own blanket, which you wash at home! This can also be done when working in a sitting position if it provides a more comfortable feeling.

When using MBT techniques, we perform the work in a sitting position in the therapeutic process, maintaining a safe distance.

During group work, in accordance with the given methodology, we treat the devices virus-proof, work on washable chairs, which are disinfected after each group. Children arriving for the group leave their belongings in the group room, not in the waiting room. At the beginning of the work, body temperature is measured with a remote thermometer each time. We are unable to admit children over 37.3 body heat to the group. Children leave their shoes in front of the room. We keep the group size low. During the sessions, we avoid situations involving close body contact. At the end of the work, the children wash their hands and use hand sanitizers.


3. Creating health-safe spaces


An antiviral hand sanitizer has been placed at the entrance of the Murmo, the use of which is highlighted. Upon arrival at the Center, everyone is expected to use it or wash their hands thoroughly. We do not use towels after washing our hands, only paper towels, which we ask you to throw in the litter bin after use.


Children will also receive age-appropriate information from their therapists on ensuring personal hygiene, proper mask use and hand disinfection. We draw the attention of children to cough, sneezing etiquette, and adherence to basic hygiene rules. These are also followed by the professionals working in Murmo.


Frequently affected surfaces are disinfected several times a day with antivirals. Cleanings and disinfections are organized in such a way that they are not harmful to children.


To reduce the number of pathogens indoors, the windows should be kept open and / or frequently ventilated if possible. All windows can be opened, air can flow freely in the spaces.


Clients arrive on time, they don’t wait, they meet only the therapist in the space, we minimize contacts.


4. Consuming meals


We ask the clients not to eat food in Murmo.


It is extremely important for our therapists to wash dishes and cutlery, glasses and trays used for eating and drinking with adequate efficiency, and to keep clean cutlery, glasses, plates, and trays protected from drip infection.


5. Modification of cancellation rules


We work with a 1-week cancellation, which means that the opportunity can be canceled 1 week before the agreed time. This might change in the epidemic situation to the extent that if the child or parent has a cough, runny nose, or other mild symptoms suggestive of illness, we will keep the session online. We strive to ensure that the psychic work that has begun can continue even if symptoms of uncertain or doubtful origin have appeared to the child or parent


In the personal space, we can no longer receive our clients if they cough, but they don’t have to cancel the meeting.


In a case that our client is in a tired, weak state with a fever, and this comes on unexpectedly, the opportunity can be canceled that day. In this case, the client can return to personal work with two negative coronavirus tests or a medical certificate.


6. What to do in case of coronavirus infection


If symptoms of a coronavirus infection are detected in a client or colleague, we immediately isolate them and report them to the parent, colleagues, and the maintainer. We put you in psychological safety, support you, and ensure that if you recover, the process you have begun in Murmo can continue.


In such a case, the client is asked to notify us whether the coronavirus test was positive or negative.


If it has become positive, we are obliged to report it to the place of residence or to the Department of Public Health, Epidemiology Group of the District or District Government Office competent according to the place of residence. From now on, they act and determine who qualifies as close contact and who is quarantined.


Close contacts can only come to Murmo again according to the rules of procedure.


If our client is a child with a chronic illness, we will ask for a medical opinion on whether he or she can go to therapeutic work with a personal presence.


7. Measures if an infected person has been in Murmo


If we become aware that a person infected with coronavirus was in Murmo, we will provide the exact circumstances to the Public Health Department of the District or District Government Office, the Epidemiology Group, and we will follow their recommendations.


Until the resolution and precise guidance are received, staff and clients who met the client will switch to the online form of work.


8. Communication


We have created a new e-mail address through which you can write your questions about the virus, which will be answered by the head of the Center or the maintainer. We will also make the letters available to members of the Murmo Team.


You can also indicate at this address if you have become infected with coronavirus or has given our colleague close contact.


The e-mail address is:


You can follow our current operating information on www.facebook/LelekMuveszet and on our website.


In the event of a change in national measures, the changes will be published again.


9. The terms of the online work


We consult with all of our clients about the course of personal encounters, and we will continue to allow teletherapy work on the online interface if required. Those who turn to us can apply for online work right from the start.


Our suggestions for working with children online are as follows:

  • A stable internet connection is required to participate. Please provide this!
  • Instead of a smartphone, a desktop computer or laptop makes it easier for children to participate.
  • You should be ready to check in 10 minutes before the event. Please pay attention to the time!
  • It helps our work if the child can participate in an online therapeutic or diagnostic session in a space that provides psychological and physical safety.
  • There may always be unexpected situations (power failure, accidental shutdown of the machine by a child, pressing the wrong button, etc.) That is why we kindly request the parents to remain available.
  • At the same time, it is important to provide the age-appropriate intimacy of the child for the therapeutic process as much as possible. Of course, the child’s safety is high priority (a child who is not fit for it by age can't be left alone in space).

Continue to take care of yourself, take care of each other!

Sincerely:  Murmo-team