Therapeutic tools

Single person therapies

Alexander Technique

The Alexander-technique is a method for concious usage of the body. It helps to perceive how your body is functioning and how you can use it approprietly. With the help of this method your posture and perception improves, hereby  it eases the everyday activities, the tiredness goes away and the pain ceases. You can be taught by concentrating on yourself and relaxing. It has a stress reducing effect.

Autogenic training

During the AT, we learn to create a relaxed state that helps to find physical, mental and spiritual harmony. By acquiring the exercises, we improve our self-healing mechanisms, our immune system, and concentration. We can get rid of our inner spiritual tensions and anxieties. To achieve automatical relaxation we recommend to exercise weekly, twice a week for 15 weeks. It can be learned individually and in groups, and there is also the possibility of relaxing children. It is recommended in cases of panic, anxiety, phobias, headaches, insomnia, asthma, blood pressure problems or stressful lifestyle.

Family therapy

In some life situations obsticles may arise, however they are not necessairly cause for long-term therapy. A psychologically healthy person may wish to receive help in strengthening their decision-making ability, recognizing and functioning well their life roles, managing change in life, in effectively resolving crises or problem situations, and in relieving tension. In some crisis situations, such as family or relationship problems, lifestyle obstruction, having difficulties in the workplace and career choice or being in rehabilitation period, consultation is suggested.  The consultancy can provide help for indvidual and for different groups as well.

Dynamic play therapy

Children's language is basically action, play and fantasy. They try to work on their internal conflicts by playing out the situations that occupies their minds, draw their fears and so on. The child therapist is intended to help children with this, to encourage their free expression to understand the deeper meaning of game and fantasy and its relationship with the symptoms and anxieties that are emerging. We provide a space for fear, anger and other bad feelings - that can put great psychological burdens on even small children - in a sheltered, empathic environment. Our goal is to support children to cope in their own ways because we find it important to experience their own self-efficacy, which will also make it easier for them when they are gorwnups to live boldly and creatively with life-related difficulties. In children’s therapy we find it essential to have an open and committed "working union" with the parent, because they are the experts for their own children. We are working with our expertise and empathy to expand the scope of the perceived phenomena, but this can only be conceived through the help and cooperation of the parent.

Dynamically oriented Therapy

Under construction

Drama Therapy Methods

With the use of theatrical therapy, also known as drama therapy, we try to get to those layers of the soul which often can not be expressed verbally, we do that through metaphors using theatrical instruments. These include improvisation, theater games, role-playing games, making puppets, puppetry, mask making, pantomime, dancing and singing.

Individual counseling and consultation

In some life situations, there is no need for long-term therapy, for a psychologically healthy person it is sufficient if she or he gets help in strengthening his / her decision-making ability, in the recognition of his or her roles in life and functioning well in those roles, in dealing with changes and in the solutions of problematic or crisis situations and alleviating tension in them. Counseling is advisable in certain crisis, family or partnership problems, difficulties in workplace and career choice or in rehabilitation periods. Counseling can help individuals or groups of people alike.

Child relaxation

It is harder for childre to recognize and phrase their difficulties than for adults, therefore they tend to manifest as physical symptoms. That’s why relaxation techniques for children may significantly help, learning how to relax their bodies can also ease their psychological problems. While it is pleasurable and good experience for the children, relaxation also helps improving some disorders, such as excessive movement, anxiety symptoms, sleep disorders, behavioral problems, concentration and learning difficulties. Relaxation of younger children takes place in the presence of the parents, in a playful form. We use the messages, the symbolic world and the formative power of the imagination of fairy tales. During these therapy sessions we have other activities like playing games, drawing and painting. Young children can also practise these techniqueswith their parents in their home environment, which is an opportunity to experience a common intimacy. When working with adolescents, parents are not present, the method is very similar to the one we use with adults.

Integrative child therapy

Under construction.

Family art therapy by Jakab

The three session long family therapy group, which is recorded by camera, is suggested for families, whom would like to discover one ( or more) child’s problem with revealing the dynamic of the family. During the sessions the family take pictures together and one by one as well. We discuss together the video recordings. Beside the diagnostic worth, the interpretation of the individual and group pictures has a therapeutic effect.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Under construction.

Fairytale therapy

During the process of the healing farytale therapy, the psychologist works on the main syllabus, in which they choose the most adequate fairy tale or they make up one for the client. The work with fairy tales and stories occurs on several levels ( words, voices, movements). It provides especially efficient help for those, who are stuck with their questions, and who feel like despondancy and anger effecting their day to day life. This part of the fairy tale therapy is metaphorical, it works with symbols, using their healing and correcting impact. We use this method,in both group and individual sessions.

Art Therapy

Art therapy allows you to communicate topics, feelings, moods; disturbing memories, non-verbal processing of situations; internal events and dynamics, unconscious desires and instinctive gestures. In the treatment of mental disorders, it helps to process experience reactions, reorganize internal psychic structures, change self-defense mechanisms and internal object relationships. For children, drawing is part of the game, a natural way of self-expression. Because of the underdevelopment of verbal expression, nonverbal tools are more suitable for expressing fears and difficulties (drawing, music, dancing).

Couples therapy

Couples therapy is a special version of family therapy, where the relationship of two people is in the centre. Both of them attend the sessions. The psychologist actively help them reveal the relationship’s conflicts and problems, they also find possible changes and modifications in their common communication forms. The therapy takes place in a safe environment, where everything is expressible. The aim of this therapy is to improve the functioning of the relationship, to educate them about open communication and a better understanding of each other.

SEE FAR CBT - Trauma Treatment Protocol

SeeFarCBT is a phase-oriented trauma management protocol that includes the results of the latest neuropsychological research. It uses the techniques that focus on body memories, imaginative visualization tools, and some elements of cognitive behavioral therapy. The status of the client determines the number of occasions and it can be done primarily individually. Trauma enters into a new narrative with the help of the focal points created in the transitional space and found in the body.

Symbol Therapy

In the symbol therapeutic process the goal is to move and transform deep psychological structures using target thematic internal images. In a relaxed state, in an altered state of consciousness, we visualize images that call for memories, memory fragments, and experiences that are brought to the unconscious layers. Image processing always takes place at the level that the current state of the soul can handle. Mobilizing the intact parts of the soul is always in the forefront in symbol therapy, which promotes a more efficient and harmonious operation of the client in everyday life.

Relaxation of Expectant Mothers

By acquiring the exercises of autogenic training we relax our muscles and experience physical and mental relaxation and peace. During the sessions we think about the period of child-waiting, the history of maternal moments, the issue of womanhood and maternity. We are preparing for the spiritual events of childbirth. We will work over the situations that may pose a problem and promote the creation of physical and inner harmony. Recommended for those expectant mothers who have already gave birth or are expecting their first child and are in the first trimester. It is possible to join in further in the pregnancy; in those cases a special program will be developed. At the end of the process, sleep rhythm becomes more regulated, the body and soul function more harmonious and the immune system becomes more effective. It will be easier to recall a peaceful, relaxed state and regular breathing during everyday life and during childbirth. The mother gets in touch with her child during the intrauterine period, she will be able to focus her attention inwardly, which helps to harmonize with the child.

Music Therapy

Under construction.


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Group methods

Autogenic training

In AT groups we learn to create a relaxed state that helps to find physical, mental and spiritual harmony. By acquiring the exercises, we improve our self-healing mechanisms, our immune system, and concentration. We can get rid of our inner spiritual tensions and anxieties. To achieve automatical relaxation we recommend to exercise weekly, twice a week for 15 weeks. It is recommended in cases of panic, anxiety, phobias, headaches, insomnia, asthma, blood pressure problems or stressful lifestyle.

Art therapy for adults

We are waiting for the application of young adults who feel themselves often confused, dejected or on the contrary too overwhelmed, even without a root cause. This therapy is for those, who consider themselves outcast, because they can’t find their place in the community, have only temporary relationships or don’t have any friends.  The therapy lasts for 10-15 occasions and it is a great opportunity to use your creativity in a playful way. Art knowledge or skills are not necessary. We use oil-pastel, powder-pastel, acryl, tempera, pencil and many other tools, as they can help a lot with self-understanding.

Üröm az örömben – Group for primary school aged children

We are expecting children aged 8 to 12 who are in need of school integration, it is difficult for them to attend classes, to make contact with peers, and to adapt to school rules. We also expect children who find it difficult to get up in the morning, go to school, often have a stomach or headache or get sick frequently. The group offers various art therapy techniques (drawing, painting, puppetry, drama, fairy tale, montage) and lots of games to solve the anxiety and fears in children, and to reinforce their coping strategies.

Kertecskémben kismacska – Group for kindergarten aged children

We are expecting 5-6-7 year old kindergartens who are having difficulty parting with their parents, joining the kindergarten community, with speech development or are struggling with anxiety. We work with the tools of healing fairytale therapy, child relaxation and complex art therapy for 10 weeks.

Ágak-Bogak - Therapeutic group of young adults

We are expecting adults between the ages of 20-35 who, because of their mood swings and anxieties, can't find a workplace, find it difficult to make contact with others and find it hard to talk about themselves. In the group, we use the tools of symbol therapy and art therapy elements.

Relaxation of Expectant Mothers

We recommend this group to those expectant mothers, who want to experience deeper, stress free pregnancy moments, who want to get in touch with their baby in the womb, who find health promotion important and want to find fulfillment in their pregnancy and motherhood. Those who want to regenerate faster after delivery. The entire program is recommended to those expectant mothers who are in their first trimester.

Leading of psychodrama self-knowledge groups

We offer self-knowledge psychodrama groups for adults and adolescents, leaded by psychologists specialised in psychodrama.

Participants can experience how to deal with their entanglements in a group. Each participant relives and replays his or her own conflicts, which is useful for self-understanding and by observing their performance the others can learn a lot as well.

The adult group is closed, has a monthly session (on Saturdays), which lasts for 10 hours. The whole therapy is 150 hours long and the group is approved by the Psychodrama Association.

In the case of crisis, you have the opportunity to join in our open group, which opens in every third month. The therapic and teenager groups are held every two weeks for 4 hours long.

Symbol therapy for couples

Our relationship has a big role in our lives, its well-functioning is indispensable for our own well-being and spiritual health. At the symbol therapy couples can experience mutual/common relaxation, they can release pressure and stress together. During the relaxed stage, they meet their own inner pictures and also get to know their partner’s inner pictures. As they work with these symbols a new quality of understanding becomes possible between them. Working with these pictures and understanding their meanings can help the couples to find their way to the change without any fight. The change of their inner structures deepens and enriches the relationship.

Autogenic training combined with psychodrama

We educate autogenic training techniques combined with psychodrama methods for groups. During relaxation, the participants face their inner conflicts and after that, they can replay them at the dramatic stage. It helps them as they can see their problems from a different point of view. The training consists of 5 occasions, which are held in every 2 weeks for 4 hours.

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