At Murmo, we offer multiple therapy groups for children and teenagers. Our groups are in accordance with the school year. Groups can be found on the timetable, more information is available by clicking on the groups’ name. Some of our groups require a yearly commitment while others can be joined in in every 10/15 occasion.

Our group leaders are qualified professionals with clinical experience and are supervised regularly.

Before joining a group, we arrange a consultation with the parents, in order to get to know the family. At this meeting, we also state the group’s goals and frames. Parent consultations are necessary throughout the therapy, without that the child cannot attend the group. These consultations’ dates are up to discussion.

You can apply at with the group’s or the group leader’s name from the 10th of September.

The prices depend on the type of group, information is available in each description. The groups should be paid for 2 months in advance.

We accept requests for support by the rules of the foundation that works at Murmo (ProJuventa).

Our volunteer workers provide a service to escort children to the location of the therapy if the parents are not able to.  In this case you will need to talk with the group leader first and then submit your application for escort to the foundation.

(Children should arrive at Murmo 5 minutes before the session starts, and parents need to be there for their children 5 minutes before the session ends.)

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